Collection I

50 Lightroom Presets for Desktop and Mobile


Collection 1 contains 50 Lightroom presets, including the popular 'Retro'd', 'Capitan' and 'Volterra'- all are fully compatible with both Desktop and Mobile versions of Adobe Lightroom.
The Full pack contains:
- 10 Retro'd Presets
- 10 Savanna Presets
- 10 Ventura Presets
- 10 Capitan Presets
- 10 Volterra Presets

These professional presets have been carefully curated and are suitable for both beginners and professionals alike in improving your final images subjectively. The presets are suitable across a wide variety of work and varying shooting styles. They can be used across landscape images, portraiture, or cityscapes, and we regularly use them on high end commercial work to move imagery towards a certain brief.

These presets have been designed these to work on images from Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic and Fuji cameras and have been tested on multiple mobile and DJI drone camera files. The presets work on both Lightroom Desktop and the Lightroom Mobile app, including all previous Lightroom versions, as well as Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw.

Non refundable item due to the nature of digital products.
50 Presets Included (.xmp/.dng format). Zip file is sent shortly after purchase.
Purchased presets are not to be shared or resold in any manner.


What's Included?

50 Presets Included
10 presets X 5 Different Sets

Compatible with Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop CC, & Adobe Camera Raw.

1x Zip file is sent shortly after purchase.
3 Different Formats
– Lightroom CC Desktop & Mobile (XMP)
– Photoshop (XMP)
– Lightroom Mobile (DNG)

Presets are Non Refundable.

Mobile FAQ's

How do I get these to work on LR CC Mobile?

You’ll need to install the presets on your desktop version of Lightroom CC FIRST,  then they will auto-sync into your Lightroom CC Mobile App.

50 Presets Included
1x Zip file is sent shortly after purchase.
3x Formats (Lightroom CC, Lightroom Mobile & Photoshop)
10 presets X 5 Different Sets

Purchased presets are not to be shared or resold in any manner.


Why Buy?

These professional presets are a culmination of photographic work and editing over a number of years bringing subjective balance to your images.

These presets and techniques are used on a daily basis and bring consistency to personal images or to a client portfolio of leading brands. So whether you are a keen amateur photographer or a professional photographer, these presets will dramatically speed up your workflow in Lightroom and will act as a base to transform your edits.

The presets are also an effective way for you to learn how to edit by working backwards from the preset in order to visualise the techniques behind my editing style.


Installation guide

Extract the ZIP file (to your desktop computer, not to your phone).

Open Lightroom and go to the Presets section. Click on File > Import Profiles & Presets.

Select the presets ZIP file(s) and click Import. → Selecting the ZIP file.

Restart LR and your presets will now be listed in the Presets section.

When in doubt, also feel free to Google or YouTube it but each set comes with a PDF with full instructions on how to install.